Commercial Industrial Drones

Construction sUAS Services

    Construction sites and properties in need of inspection involve dangerous operations that put workers at risk in order to collect the right information when it it is needed the most. Sky Scene looks to mitigate these risks by integrating with your existing workflow to provide what is being hailed as an all in one solution to job-site efficiency, Drones – aka unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

    We assess the costs and risks associated with the use of full scale aircraft and prepare accordingly for each job.

    Use cases include:

  • Design Operations: such as a 360-degree visualization from each floor or building models in neighborhood context
  • Highlight more property features revealing a fuller view
  • Jobsite monitoring for simply capturing aerial stills daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Orthomosaics, Geo-tagged overlapping imagery digitally stitched together to create a valuable source of information
  • 3D Detailed Photorealistic Models Compatable with AutoCAD and Other Industry Leading Software

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3D Detailed Photorealistic Models

Sky Scene offers solutions for customers large and small. We provide a cost-effective way to produce highly detailed and accurate 3D models using point cloud photogrammetry software. Navigate through your projects to observe and inspect property and surroundings from a detailed aerial perspective. Through web optimized technologies share these models and tours with clients, or advertise your business/property.

  • Exportable point cloud files
  • Rendering compatible with most CAD and BIM platforms

Aerial Stills and Videography

Enhance your properties' viewability with high resolution professional still images from previously unimaginable angles at a cost-effective price. Sky Scene promises breathtaking photography and video from a unique aerial perspectives while utilizing safe, quiet, and professional small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). We assess the costs and risks associated with the use of each aircraft and prepare accordingly for each job.

  • The variety of data captured per flight provides immense value, generating stills, 2D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, and digital surface models.

Aerial Panoramic Tours

Provide anyone with an internet connection the ability to view your property from any angle, any distance, at any time from the comfort of their home. Aerial panoramas are 360 degree immersive experiences that put the viewer in control. Give inspection a new level of interactivity that provides a strikingly unique virtual tour from a bird's eye view.

  • Perfect for website and social media integration.
  • Represent the true value of your listing

Orthomosaic Mapping Solutions

Aerial surveys of projects that were considered too small for manned aircraft operations are now commonplace. These sUAS or ‘drones’ provide direct access to the site at a moment’s notice allowing for day to day inspections and measurements to take place with ease.

Sky Scene provides the value of satellite images at an even higher resolution. Using the power of drones and GPS technology, combined with powerful cloud mapping solutions, Sky Scene can capture an aerial snapshot of your property for you to make accurate measurements and assessments.

  • With the ability to be deployed at any time during the day, we can survey your property and/or assets at any time, providing quick deliverables and detailed measurements upon request.